The 6th EnKF Workshop Agenda, May 18-22, 2014

Beaver Hollow Conference Resort, Buffalo, New York


Organizing committee: Jeff Anderson, Craig Bishop, Neil Bowler, Peter Houtekamer (co-chair), Kayo Ide, Ryan Torn, Takemasa Miyoshi, Jeff Whitaker, Ming Xue, Jiang Zhu, Fuqing Zhang (co-chair)

Workshop liaison: Steven Greybush ( 

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Sunday, 18 May 2014

7-8:30 Dinner


Monday, 19 May 2014

8-8:10 Brief Introduction

(All regular sessions will have 1 30-min invited talk, 3 20-min standard talks and 10 min discussions)

8:10-9:50 Session 1: Operational DA (session chair: Lucio Torrisi)

Andrew Lorenc              Development of the Met Office's 4DEnVar System

Massimo Bonavita           Variational and EnKF assimilation systems at ECMWF

Daryl Kleist                    4D Hybrid Ensemble-Var and Incremental Analysis Update with the NCEP GFS

Seung-Jong Baek             Environment Canada's Regional Ensemble Kalman Filter


9:50-10:20 Break

10:20-12:00 Session 2: Hybrids (session chair: Xuguang Wang)

Jonathan Poterjoy          Inter-comparison and coupling of EnKF with 4DVAR

Chengsi Liu                   Four-Dimensional Ensemble-Variational (4DEnVAR) Hybrid Algorithms and Implementation and Testing within the ARPS Data Assimilation Framework

David Kuhl                    Comparison of hybrid ensemble/4D-Var and 4D-Var within the NAVDAS-AR data assimilation framework

Stephen Pring                 Comparison of 4D-ensemble-Var with hybrid 4DVar at the Met Office


12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-2:40 Session 3: Satellite DA (session chair: Daryl Kleist)

Jason Otkin                  Assimilating cloudy sky infrared brightness temperatures using an ensemble Kalman filter

Annika Schomburg          Assimilating cloud information from satellite cloud products with an Ensemble Kalman Filter at the convective scale

Takeshi Enomoto            Assimilation of bright band heights into the atmospheric general circulation model using ensemble Kalman filter

Jianyu Liang                   Studying impacts of the Saharan Air Layer on hurricane development using WRF-Chem/EnKF


2:40-6:00 Afternoon recreation

6-7:30 dinner

7:30-9:00 Session 4: Bonfire and poster evening (session chair: Steven Greybush)

Byoung-Joo Jung            Performance of KIAPS-LETKF data assimilation system implemented to CAM-SE model

Martin Weissman                        Assimilation of visible and near-infrared satellite reflectance in KENDA-COSMO

Nathan Snook                 EnKF Data Assimilation and Storm-Scale Ensembles for Hail Prediction in the Severe Hail Analysis, Reperesentation, and Prediction (SHARP) Project

Heiner Lange                  Assessing the Predictability of Convection using Ensemble Data Assimilation of Simulated Radar Observations in an LETKF system

Zhaorong Zhuang            The Ensemble Analyses and Forecasts of 24 May 2011 Oklahoma Tornadic Supercell Storms using a 3DVAR Data Assimilation Technique

Michael Wursch              Data assimilation experiments in a modified shallow water model

Yicun Zhen                    A Probabilistic Approach to Adaptive Covariance Localization  For Serial Ensemble Square-root Filters and Uncorrelated Observations

Justin Tsai                     Improving Quantitative Precipitation Nowcasting with a Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter Radar Data Assimilation System: Real-case Validation

Keiichi Kondo                The dual-localization approach and large ensemble data assimilation in the SPEEDY-LETKF

Africa Perianez                Steps towards pre-operational brightness temperature assimilation with LETKF at convective-scale

Daisuke Hotta                 Ensemble Forecast Sensitivity to Observations (EFSO) and Proactive Quality Control

Steven Greybush             LETKF Data Assimilation for the Martian Atmosphere

Martin Weissman                        Estimating observation impact in a convective-scale LETKF

Shigenori Otsuka             A Bayesian optimization approach to multi-model ensemble Kalman filter

Lili Lei                          Impacts of model error on ensemble and empirical data assimilation approaches

Florian Harnisch              Application of a convective-scale LETKF to provide initial ensemble perturbations

Saroja Polavarapu            Development of an ensemble Kalman Smoother for Carbon Flux Estimation

Young Soon Jo               Development of verification tools for KIAPS-LETKF data assimilation system

Matthew Kretschmer        Ensemble Data Assimilation Using a Composite State Method

Soojin Roh                    Statistical methods for robust Ensemble Kalman Filter

Shunji Kotsuki               Impact of assimilating order of observations in serial EnKF

Elizabeth Satterfield         An Application of Hidden Error Variance Theory to Ensemble Hybrid 4D-Var

Michael Erickson             Exploring Model Error with an Ensemble Kalman Filter on High Fire Threat Days over the Northeast United States

Xuguang Wang               GSI-based four-dimensional ensemble-variational (4DEnsVar) data assimilation: formulation and single resolution experiments with real data for NCEP Global Forecast System

Xuguang Wang               Development and research of GSI-based Var/EnKF/hybrid data assimilation for convective scale weather forecast

Jason Otkin                    Assimilation of satellite and radar observations during a convection-resolving Observing System Simulation Experiment

Kristen Bathmann            Error bound in estimation of the convectively coupled tropical waves based on simulated cloudy AIRS data


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

8-9:40 Session 5: Convective-Scale DA (session chair: Annika Schomburg)

Ming Xue                      A Review on the Status of Ensemble Data Assimilation for the Convective Scale

Youngsun Jung               CAPS Real-time Storm-scale EnKF Data Assimilation and Forecasts System for the 2014 Hazardous Weather Testbed Spring Experiment

Timothy Supinie             Impact of VORTEX2 Observations on Analyses and Forecasts of the 5 June 2009 Goshen County, Wyoming, Supercell

Nusrat Yussouf                The Ensemble Kalman Filter Analyses and Forecasts of 27 April 2011 Alabama Severe Weather Outbreak

9:40-10:10 Break


10:10-11:50 Session 6: Tropical Cyclones (session chair: Yongsheng Chen)

Yonghui Weng / Fuqing Zhang  Advances in tropical cyclone inner-core data assimilation, overview

Jason Sippel                               Ensemble Kalman filter assimilation of Global-Hawk-based data from tropical cyclones

Chih-Chien Chang                       Applications of the mean recentering scheme to improve typhoon track prediction: A case study of Typhoon Nanmadol (2011)

Xuguang Wang                           Hybrid ensemble-Var data assimilation: implementation and tests for hurricane prediction


11:50-1:00 Lunch

1:00-2:40 Session 7: Sampling error and Localization 1 (session chair: Mikyoung Jun)

Craig Bishop                 Localization and sampling error

Lili Lei                          Validation of a New Algorithm for Empirical Localization of Observations for Ensemble Kalman Filter Data Assimilation in Global and Regional Atmospheric Models

Brock Burghardt              The Impact of Observation Localization on South Plains Convective Forecasts

Nicholas Gasperoni          Improved Localization of the Ensemble-based Observation Impact Estimate using a Dynamic Group Filter Technique


2:40-6:00 Afternoon recreation

6-7:30 dinner


7:30-9:10 Session 8: Sampling error and Localization 2 (session chair: Massimo Bonavita)

Kayo Ide                       Coping with multi-scale in ensemble data assimilation

Mikyoung Jun                Localization Methods for a Multivariate Ensemble Kalman Filter

Catherine Thomas           Multivariate correlations: Applying a dynamic constraint and variable localization in an ensemble context

Sabrina Rainwater            Multi-scale Covariance Localization


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

8-9:40 Session 9: Model Error (session chair: Stephen Penny)

Jeff Whitaker                An overview of model error treatment in ensemble data assimilation

John Harlim                   Linear theory for filtering nonlinear multiscale systems with model error

Shu-Chih Yang               Ensemble Singular Vectors and their use as additive inflation in EnKF

Francesca Marcucci          The Use of a Self-Evolving Additive Inflation in the CNMCA Operational Ensemble Data Assimilation System


9:40-10:10 Break

10:10-11:50 Session 10: Model error / New Applications (session chair: David Kuhl)

Zhengyu Liu                 Improving Coupled Climate Model using EnKF for Parameter Optimization

Robert Tardiff                 Exploring coupled atmosphere-ocean data assimilation strategies with an EnKF and a low-order analogue of the climate system

Stephen Penny                A Hybrid Ocean Assimilation System at NCEP

Ashford Reyes                 Assimilation of conventional and field experiment observations for Hurricane Mathew during NASA GRIP 2010 with a coupled EnKF and 4DVar system


11:50-1:00 Lunch

1:00-2:40 Session 11: New Applications / Ensemble Sensitivity (session chair: Jason Sippel)

Xiao Tang/Jiang Zhu     Applications of EnKF to air pollution estimation and real-time forecast in China

Rahul Mahajan                Estimating observation impact in a hybrid data assimilation system: Experiments using a simple model.

Ji-Sun Kang                   Estimation of Forecast Sensitivity to Observations within KIAPS-LETKF data assimilation system

Steven Greybush             Insights from Mars and Earth for Predictability and Ensemble Kalman Filtering


2:40-6:00 Afternoon recreation

6-7:30 dinner


7:30-9:00 Session 12: Special Session on future directions (moderator: Fuqing Zhang)

Eugenia Kalnay             Future directions in ensemble DA (keynote talk, 1hr)

Takemasa Miyoshi         Recent activities on 'Big Data Assimilation' in Japan (invited talk, 30 min)


Thursday, 22 May 2014

8-9:40 Session 12: Computational Aspects (session chair: Lili Lei)

Peter Houtekamer           computational efficiency

So-Young Ha                  Ensemble Kalman Filter Data Assimilation for the MPAS system

Koji Terasaki                  Developing the Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter with the Japanese Icosahedral Global Model NICAM

Yunji Zhang                   Ensemble Assimilation and predictability of a tornadic supercell event


9:40-10:10 break

10:10-11:30 Session 14: Grand discussions and summary

(moderator: Peter Houtekamer and Fuqing Zhang; rapporteur: Steven Greybush)


11:30-1:00 Check out and Lunch

1:00 Workshop adjoin