PSU WRF/EnKF Real-time Atlantic Hurricane Forecast

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Technical notes about the PSU WRF/EnKF Real-time Hurricane Prediction System developed and maintained by Fuqing Zhang and Yonghui Weng

  • All forecast times are displayed in GMT. It is 4 hours after the Eastern Time (ET).
  • The forecast system is based on WRF ARW V3.1.1 and the Penn State (PSU) EnKF with 60 ensemble members for data assimilation.
  • There are three triply nested WRF forecast domains with grid spacing of 40.5km, 13.5km and 4.5km, respectively.

  • A4NR: PSU 4.5-km forecast with no airborne Radar assimilation deterministic forecast
  • GFS: NCEP Global Forecast System